Our Water

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What is purified water?

We acquire the raw water from Qatar Government supplies, then put it through our process. This means that it meets strict standards for bottled water. And you can be sure to enjoy the same clean, refreshing taste wherever you pick up a bottle.

Added minerals for taste

The mineral content of any drinking water is measured scientifically to check which are present. It is the well formulated and delicately balanced minerals we inject to our water, to give Qatarat Purified Water its distinctive, refreshing taste.

We collect water from Municipal supply which is regularly checked for quality. It travels through stainless steel tanks in our factory.

This filter removes the suspended particle in the water and reduces the turbidity.

It comes from Multimedia Filtration, the water is filtered through activated carbon to remove organic compounds, chlorine and some other chemicals that might be present.

An applied pressure is used to overcome the osmotic pressure of the water RO can remove many types of molecules, irons and micro organisms (fungi, bacteria, spore, etc.) from water.

Next just the right balance of mineral is added, to give our water its refreshing, smooth taste.

Is an unstable molecule which readily gives up one atom of oxygen providing a powerful oxidizing agent which is toxic to most waterborne organisms.

We destroy bacteria with ultraviolet light rays.

Most of our bottles are made on-site, so we can be sure they’re up to our standards.

Every bottle is labeled and stamped with time and place where it’s filled.

The equipment is automatically cleaned at specific times and temperatures to make sure everything remains spotless, from the start to finish.

Water, packaging and process are all monitored by a Quality Assurance team to make sure they meet our standards.

Samples of our water are sent to the MOPH where they’re checked against National Standards.