We keep
Life flowing

Let’s take a look back to where it all began: 1999 to be exact. This wasn’t just any year, it was the most important year in Qatarat history. In relatively short period of time, Qatarat has gained pretty much customers, offering unparalleled levels of service and quality. We will continue to flourish with our brand based on quality which is our basis of internal strength. The most competent and motivated employees help at each other and every stage in the growth of our Company.

Water brings the world to life. It has the power to transform us. Our health, our communities, our planet. Because water is among the most critical challenges of our time, doing the right thing means doing more. Doing more to inspire people to drink better to lead healthier lives. Doing more to help develop thriving, resilient communities. Doing more to steward resources for future generations, which focus on water, plastic and environment. The importance of regular hydration is now well known. And gives plain water contains no sugar or calories, it is the drink of choice of healthy hydration.

A size for every occasion.Whatever you’re doing, we’ve got the bottle for you.

Our classic bottles make it easy to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Refreshing quality water for everyone.

The free home delivery of Qatarat Water conjugated to the high level of services that applied for the different doors of offices and residences all over Qatar. Covering most of the country areas leads to the big increase of Qatarat consumers. The brand is used by some government offices like Diwan Amiri, Ministry of Municipality, Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs, Ministry of Education, Supreme Council of Health, Ministry of Social Affairs, etc.