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Al Kawther Water Treatment W.L.L. is one of the leading bottled water companies in Qatar, established in 1999 as a division of Al-Waleed International Trading.

Al Kawther Water Treatment dedicates to provide pure bottled drinking water under the brand name Qatarat. Using state-of-the-art technologies we assure the satisfaction of our customers in all aspects. On-time delivery at all time and pure quality help us to stand out and thrive in the high competitive market. Keeping with our passion for innovating, in 2012 we introduced our PET bottles.

Al Kawther Water Treatment is one of the few companies in Qatar which produces 5 gallon polycarbonate bottles in-house, which ensures that the highest level of quality is maintained at the various stages of manufacturing bottles.

Our products characterize competitive price and well designed bottles. We aim to standout in all aspects and to become the best in the competitive market.



AI-Kawther Water Treatment W.L.L was established



Qatarat was introduced to the local market with an accelerating acceptance until now.


Pet Factory Founded

the new plant for producing small sizes of Qatarat mineral water bottles has started

Growth of Company

Our strategy

Qatarat goal is to help people enjoy and make progress in their lives through the many products and services that our company offers. We want to give every customer and consumer we touch access to the best we can offer whether in terms of quality, affordability or choice.


As a company, we take a lot of pride in our history and how widely enjoyed our products have become, and we believe in living with a sense of purpose. We are passionate about what is happening in the world and how we can play a part in it. We are always thirsty for fresh challenges and creating progressive new solutions to benefit future generations.

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