Structure of the Company

Al-Kawther Water Treatment Company has its own factory in Doha industrial area which is water purification and bottling plant, as the company sales and distributes the mineral water products and its accessories all around Qatar. General Manager is held exclusively responsible for daily management. The main departments include the General Manager’s Office, Production Department, Sales Department, Admin/ HR Department, Finance Department and Distribution Department.

The company employee chart includes a reputed experienced Chemical, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers so as to recover the requirements of duties keeping the products stock under the customers inquiries all the time.
The Laboratory Technician is practiced to direct the quality in the WHO as the Gulf Standards.
More than 60 distributors, series of drivers and helpers are equipped to cover the company distribution chart all around Qatar focusing on the Qatar projects and all our customers that is directed by well experienced customer service officers.
The company depends nowadays on 60 delivery trucks fully covered to avoid the product from subjecting to the direct sun rays.